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yes. i know. i have not posted anything up, but with good reason, im on contract to do artwork, and that contract says that i am not to post anything untill permission is given / the project it done. so good news, im doing loads of work! bad news, LOADS of waiting untill the project ends in august.

i want to do some sculptures at some point during this, so maybe i'll post pics of them when they come into existance. - the going on them will be kinda slow though, because this project comes first, and im only working on other things when i can no longer stare at this cool glowing screen that makes fan-running noises at me. ive forgotten the name of this interesting input device with cool buttons and blinky lights, as ive been attatched to it so long, so for now i have re-named it fred. fed is a bit of a dick, because he likes to occasionaly pretend to die, also, he likes to cause eye-strain.

on a less heat-stroke-like note, i DO plan on going to FanExpo here in toronto this year with some of my friends, look at all the cool sculptures other people have made of things, as well as go to some pannels.

on a wim i downloaded paint tool SAI and played with it, i think if i were to get a tablet PC this is definitly a program i would use on it as it doesnt require much to run it, it works well, and it doesnt kill the system. it also saves out to PSD. so i could use it as i travel around then finish whatever i was doing in PS on a more powerful system if i so required it.


well, back to the drawing paper, and then, to paint!


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Emily Lucas
I graduated Sheridan College's Visual creative arts program and want to go into animation,(buuut i have to get more $ first by working!) i'd love to do character sculptures and stop-motion, and character fabrication for tv/film once im through with school.

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Blue-Paint-Sea Jun 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happiest of Birthdays to you! :party:
Thanks very much for the Watch! :salute:
I must send you those photos. I actually took them but cannot remember what camera they are on. Actually, given that one was blurry maybe I should take them over again.
FancyPantsDrawings Jan 5, 2012   Digital Artist
I love your watercolors
thankyou! if you like them take a look at residentsmooth hes got some excellent stuff posted
In a jar? One you made I take it? How is the sculpture coming along lately? And the drawing?
sculptings going pretty well im doing alot of them all at once - a bunch of oil base sculpts that are temps. to work out character designs and finishing some other stuff for some christmas and b-day presents when i finally get around to it im going to end up posting quite alot on here lol
Yes! I await for your posting. Did I send you any other pics of the dogs? I've lost track.
no i dont think you did - oh 2 nights ago i spent 6 hours on one of those character busts only to realize (at 3am no less) that it was a horrible uber failure and so ended up mushing the thing...then shredding it and dressing it up into a vaguely human-ish thing with horns and a mohawk with a swear word cut accross its face. -- why? because one needs to vent after wasting 6 hours. but, oh well, i know what caused me to mess up on it so back to the sculpting table! im going to post a bunch of stuff by this weekend for sure, i think im going to have to post a before/after of the character i destroyed for fun later on too because even i make sculpting disasters worthy of comitting to film lol
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